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We created products that we wanted our own children to use therefore we put extra love and care in every little detail. Our products had to be safe, effective and smells great too. We wanted to create a safe and enjoyable experience for them. As our children grew our product line also grew. Now we are proud to offer products ranging from newborns all the way to tweens.
Aim and Alisa:
Moms and CO-Founder of Just Gentle

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Just gentle products are so good and natural. They make skin of my baby so gentle and healthy. It's much better then all other baby products. When I need products for my baby I go for Just gentle.

Mary Scott

My baby and I have been using Just gentle for few years, it's been a great experience. I love that products are natural, toxin-free, healthy, which we don't usually find on a market. I also love their cute look, I highly recommend Just gentle!

Anna Feik

I use Just gentle products for my kids. All of them are great, I had one of the best shopping experiences. Products are great, website is nice and easy to navigate. Deliver is fast and easy to track, and payment is also smooth and easy.

Sveti Josip

I'm buying this product for my baby, I feel so close to the nature. The hair products are best for me, my baby loves them. Also shopping experience is really good. Highly recommend it!

Sefika Moja

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